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The Prali valley is much loved by walkers, hikers and skiers, for the beauty of its snow-capped peaks.

The mountains that surround Val Germanasca are all around between 2300 and 3000 meters above sea level.

the Gran Cournour, the Bric Bucie, Punta Founset, Punta Chiarlea, Rocca Bianca, Colletta Sellar, Col Rousset, Punta Vergia, Gran Guglia, Vallone delle Miniere… these are just some of the possible destinations for mountaineering excursions or snowshoe trips or mountaineering skiing.

The Conca dei 13 Laghi is very well known and evocative, one of the most picturesque and spectacular places in the Germanasca Valley. Easily reachable by chairlifts, it allows you to admire the mountains that surround the Prali basin and beyond.

Get off the beaten track, discover the magical mountain landscapes, immerse yourself in nature.

The outdoor experiences in Val Germanasca are unforgettable, also suitable for newbies and beginners.

We employ mountain professionals:

Alpine guides and Gae guides study with us trekking and excursions suitable for everyone, of different length, difficulty and according to the interest of the group.

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