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A bit of our history  and that of this area

…some historical notes

Prali is a land of mines, especially talc, whose mining activity has supported the economy of Val San Martino (as Val Germanasca was once called) since the 19th century.

The history of the Valley is closely linked to the Waldensian cult. In 1553, a synod was held here in Pra Daval, which confirmed the adherence of the Waldensians to the Protestant Reformation. The temple in Prali (now home to the Museum), dated 1556, was one of the first to be built.

In 1929, the paved road to Prali was built. In 1940, the Ghigo temple was transformed into a military depot; in 1944, the places of Ghigo and Indiritti were set on fire by the Nazis; The temple and presbytery were spared from the fire.

The post-war period also brought an increasingly rapid transformation to Prali: in 1951 the Agape Ecumenical Center was inaugurated, a place that would bring the first flow of tourists to Prali; in 1959 the Tredici Laghi (Thirteen Lakes) chairlift was inaugurated; in 1962 the new temple of Ghigo and in 1965 the Museum in the old temple were also inaugurated.


We are Alessandra, Chiara & Nicoletta.

One of us has been hanging out at Prali since she was a child; she learned to ski here, and here, she ran around and played around the town in the utmost freedom. The other two have fallen in love with these mountains in the last 10 years and have been exploring them ever since, in every season, on skis, on snowshoes, on foot with dogs, on horseback…

We love this place because it is unique and special. Seeing is believing.

Anyone who comes here for the first time perceives the peace and at the same time the energy it can transmit. The last village in a closed valley, a place at the end of the world which, with its difficult geographical location and its not being a place one passes through by chance, has succeeded in drawing on its advantage of remaining a truly genuine place.

Prali and its 21 hamlets. Rugged and uncontaminated mountains, lush nature, days accompanied by the sound of cow bells and the flow of water in the background.

Those who come to Prali rarely end up there by chance, they come because they want to and… they are immediately rewarded.

Thanks to my friend Massimo, an exceptional connoisseur of this valley, for his time, availability, commitment and patience.

You can visit his website for stories, tales and insights:


A new project  to discover!

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Take a break, you’re in Prali.

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