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It is fantasy that becomes the concrete step of a journey, it is something more than a road or a passage, it is a helping hand that extends from Ghigo to Villa and crosses a space with a story to be told.



A story to write down, a sculpture to touch, a bench to rest on and wood and plants to smell, eyes and steps and rhythm to create. And finally, a present to remember it by.

“The children’s trail” is designed as a hiking route for families that winds along a path starting out in Ghigo and arriving at Villa. The route is marked by the development of a specially created story divided into 5 parts. For each stage there are noticeboards with panels and illustrations, and it is possible via QRcode to listen to the story written by Guido Quarzo read aloud and admire the sculptures by Daniele Viglianco.

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/sentieroDeiBambini/

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