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Let yourself be swept off your feet by the  wonders of our territory!

In Prali and its surroundings, it is possible to travel along some picturesque, scenic routes of varying lengths and difficulties by mountain bike and e-bike.

Have you ever cycled through a mine?

We use cycle tour chaperons, MTB and DH instructors to offer you some ideas that are best suited to your legs, and to guide you professionally and safely on roads and trails.

It is possible to rent e-bikes and bike transport for your own bikes with a rental-with-driver equipped with a lift.

Below are some Komoot tracks of MTB routes in the area, courtesy of our expert biker friend Giangio:

Colle della Balma – Cappello D’Envie

Lago Lauson – Alpe Cialancia – Colle Balma

GIANNA talc mine

Colle della Balma – Colle Giulian – Chiarlea

Lago Verde – Gran Guglia – Bout du Col DH – Sapatlè DH

Colle della Balma – Sapatlè DH


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