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The big Prali valley is well-loved by walkers and hikers, also for the beauty of its peaks. In addition to the GTA (Great Crossing of the Alps) and CAI (Italian Alpine Club) trails, we suggest “The Fratelli Peyrot Trail”, which runs through approximately two-thirds of the Prali valley. Reachable on foot or by chairlift, between 2000 and 2700 metres above sea level, various slopes connect it to the valley floor.

The Conca dei 13 Laghi is extremely well-known and picturesque, one of the most charming and spectacular places in the Germanasca Valley. Easily accessible by chairlifts, it allows you to admire the mountains surrounding the Prali basin and beyond.

Not far away, you can visit the Conca Cialancia Nature Park of provincial interest, in the municipality of Perrero, which extends between 1796 and 2856 m above sea level, where the splendid Lake Lauson is located… and if you like lakes, you absolutely cannot miss visiting Lake Bout du Col, reachable from the Ribba hamlet (Prali) and Lake Envie, which can be reached by hiking approximately 2 hours from the Indritti hamlet (Prali) or via a shorter hike with the help of ski lifts.

We employ mountain professionals:

Alpine guides and Gae (Environmental hiking guide) guides help us study trekking and hiking routes that are suitable for everyone, of various lengths, difficulties and according to the interests of the group.

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